Automate Error-Prone and Time-Consuming Manual Inspection

Pleora automates and adds decision-support for manual inspection of consumer goods, manufactured parts, food & beverage, and print & packaging


Component Count


Labelling, Printing and Barcodes


Product Assembly


Work Instructions

Add Decision-Support to Visual Inspection  

Pleora’s Visual Inspection Solution  guides operators through the manufacturing and inspection processes, including work-in-progress and finished product, and visually highlights differences or deviations. The standalone solution works in parallel with existing inspection systems, meaning manufacturers can deploy advanced capabilities without disrupting existing processes or workflows.

Deploy AI Alongside Existing Processes

Improve end-to-end product quality, speed inspection rates, and provide more qualitative product evaluation to ensure manufacturing processes are repeatable and traceable.

Pre-Loaded AI Plug-ins

Plug-and-Play Inspection Solution

To speed deployment, the inspection solution includes AI plug-ins that are easily trained on your unique data to automatically identify product differences and enable traceability processes. Or work with Pleora to develop custom plug-ins.

Integrated system lets non-experts quickly and easily train and deploy AI plug-ins for automation  and decision-support, with edge processing, mountable camera & display.

How It Works

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