Simplified AI for Visual Inspection of Electronics

Pleora's Visual Inspection System helps operators detect errors and defects for unique component types, assembly steps, and custom low-run products where automated optical inspection (AOI) is too complex and expensive. 

- Avoid costly, errors as a result of detecting errors at different phases in production

The system helps DICA Electronics:

- Speed time in detecting the root cause of the in-field errors with Tracking & Reporting apps for traceability 

- Maintain consistency in training new employees on requirements or with staff any time a new product is added 

- Easily train the system using 'good product' images for multiple product lines with no programming skills required

- Reduce subjective decision-making, especially over a long shift, reducing error-escapes

“Human visual inspection is a key component of our manufacturing processes, and Pleora's system helps our operators make consistent and reliable decisions to ensure we always deliver to the quality standards expected by our customers."

– Steve Vaughan, Vice President, Operations with DICA

DICA Electronics uses Pleora’s Visual Inspection System to reduce manufacturing quality escapes and gather key data from manual processes to help speed root cause analysis. The system uniquely requires just one image to start using AI, with continuous and transparent training based on operator actions to improve and speed automated decision support.

Download the Whitepaper about Pleora’s Visual Inspection System for Quality Control

See Our AI Apps in Action

This interactive demo lets you inspect an electronics board with the Visual Inspection System 

Learn how the Visual Inspection System highlights products differences, and uses operator actions to transparently train an AI model to improve decision support.

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