Pleora’s AI Gateway

Evolve to Industry 4.0 & Deploy
Machine Learning AI for Quality Inspection 

- Hybrid AI for Inspection

- No-Code Algorithms 

- Scalable for Industry 4.0

Pleora designs no-code AI solutions for smarter quality inspection using the latest machine learning techniques and capabilities in classification, object detection, and segmentation. 


Flexible, Adaptable Quality Inspection Capabilities

Reduce the complexity of AI integration by adopting a hybrid approach with both classic and machine learning techniques. Significantly simplify deployment with no-code algorithm training, for a seamless inspection process with existing infrastructure. End-users and integrators can easily deploy machine learning capabilities without programming knowledge, slowing processes or upgrading existing cameras. 

Add AI to Existing Systems

Pleora’s AI Gateway simplifies the deployment of advanced machine learning capabilities to improve the reliability and lower the cost of visual quality inspection. Designed to work with existing inspection hardware and software, the embedded platform integrates plug-in vision inspection AI skills, a user-friendly approach to integrate custom capabilities, and a powerful NVIDIA GPU to accelerate the development of more advanced machine learning and computer vision algorithms.

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