Decrease Errors, Reduce Risks, and Lower Costs for Inline Quality Inspection

AI for Quality Inspection

Simplify the deployment of advanced AI capabilities and prepare for next generation Industry 4.0 applications with Pleora's AI solution for inline and end-to-end quality inspection

Simplify AI for Consumer Goods, Parts Manufacturing, Food & Beverage, and Print & Packaging

Reduce errors that result in poor product quality, waste & costly secondary screening

Maintain brand standards and meet safety and compliance requirements

Automate error-prone human inspection at key points in the manufacturing processes

Inspect challenging materials like metal, glass, fabric, wood, and irregular shapes

Deploying AI forEnd-to-End Quality

Plug-ins are optimized for Pleora’s AI Gateway edge processing platform, which integrates seamlessly with existing inspection systems. With this ‘hybrid’ approach, manufacturers can evolve towards more advanced AI without disrupting proven computer vision inspection applications, existing infrastructure, and end-user processes.


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