System latency is a critical aspect to many network-based vision applications, including military vetronics, factory automation, diagnostic imaging, and more. 

Latency for Situational Awareness and Driving Applications

Military vetronics systems require high-quality, real-time low latency imaging data as a critical component to reduce cognitive burden and increase mission effectiveness. This provides crew access to information in real time, improving crew safety and vehicle operations.

This whitepaper discusses how several factors contribute to latency in driving applications and will share Pleora's test bench set-up and results with regards to military vetronics and Pleora's RuggedCONNECT Smart Video Switcher.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Why low latency is a key metric for military driving applications
  • What CPU requirements should be considered when reviewing latency performance
  • How quickly a system can process, analyze, and display images using Pleora’s RuggedCONNECT

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