White Paper: Machine Vision Makes the Move to IoT

This white paper discusses how machine vision can bring cost and performance benefits to the Internet of Things applications, while enabling new machine learning and artificial intelligence capabilities.

Flexible, Adaptable Quality Inspection Capabilities

One of the most hyped technologies of recent years is Internet of Things (IoT), a trend that has entered our consumer lives with home monitoring systems, wearable devices, connected cars and remote healthcare. These advances were in, large part, attributed to the expansion of networking capabilities and the availability of lower cost devices. In comparison, these remain key challenges that have slowed the adoption of IoT in the vision market.

Machine Learning

Is an application of artificial intelligence where the machine is learning tasks without rule-based instruction, rather it learns by study of algorithm and pattern recognition.  

Edge Processing

A smart device is connected to other devices via a network. Adding edge processing to a smart device enables decision making at the sensor level for faster more efficient analysis. 

Industry 4.0 / IoT 

Industry 4.0 and Internet of Things are one in the same, a term used to describe a variety of physical devices and objects that are interconnected and communicate with each other. 

What You’ll Learn:

  • What is limiting the adoption of IoT application for the vision market
  • How do smart devices and edge processing solve challenges
  • What's the role of the cloud in future vision applications

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