Pleora's AI for Brands

Simplify AI Deployment for Quality Inspection

Leading global brands rely on Pleora to help lower costs and improve efficiencies by reducing errors, false positives, and automating manual processes 

Pleora's Hybrid AI approach integrates "no code" algorithm development and edge processing to simplify the deployment of end-to-end quality for consumer goods, parts manufacturing, food & beverage, and print & packaging. 

With a drag-and-drop algorithm development platform, non-experts can develop "no code" AI and traditional computer vision inspection “plug-ins” in hours instead of days. Plug-ins are then seamlessly deployed on the AI Gateway edge processing device.

With a hybrid approach that combines traditional computer vision and AI capabilities, Pleora significantly reduces training time versus other deep learning methods and enables faster deployment of advanced inspection skills alongside existing infrastructure.


Automate or Add Decision-Support for Manual Inspection Tasks 

By adding AI skills alongside traditional vision processes, brand owners can significantly reduce quality inspection errors by automating or adding decision-support for manual inspection processes

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Simplify AI for Quality Inspection

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