Streamline AI Deployment with No Code AI Plug-in Design 

Quality managers assessing AI consistently highlight common key factors limiting their ability to deploy more advanced inspection

• Lack of technology infrastructure to support AI 

• AI algorithm development costs and complexity

• Existing frontline processes

Learn how “hybrid AI” combines the best of AI and machine vision for manufacturers to improve quality, lower costs, and increase efficiencies. With “no code” software platforms, quality managers can design their own AI and computer vision automations that are optimized for new edge processing platforms. New AI inspection skills can be deployed, without changing existing systems, applications, or proven end-user processes.  

eBUS AI Studio

Pleora’s eBUS AI Studio is a powerful, intuitive “no code” software platform to develop AI and computer vision plug-ins for quality inspection applications. The software platform helps programmers, integrators, automated manufacturing solutions providers, and end-users rapidly develop, train, and test AI and computer vision plug-ins, customize open source models, and streamline production deployment. 

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