Protect Your Brand with Visual Inspection

A unique distillery uses Pleora’s Visual Inspection System to maintain brand quality standards and reduce errors that increase operating costs and slow production. 

The system helps the distillery:

- Reduce subjective decision-making, especially over a long shift, to ensure a consistent brand

- Avoid costly, time-consuming errors if labels are missing or need to be removed and reapplied

- Train new employees on understanding the key elements of the brand  

- Guide an operator through the labelling process

- Add automated quality control checks to production

“Packaging errors translate into downtime, slower production, and higher costs. Pleora’s system is simple and easy to use, plus it removes ambiguity and stress for employees."

– David Geros, Chief Operating Officer, Dairy Distillery

Brand plays a huge factor in consumer purchasing decisions. For a boutique distillery trying to make a mark in a highly competitive market, unique bottling and labelling helps it stand out from the crowd.

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Pleora's AI Solutions Ensure Brand Quality

The unique branding of the distillery’s bottle is key for standing out to customers on retail shelves. To ensure consistent high-quality branding, labelling relies on human operators supported by an image compare AI plug-in, to accurately align and apply the different visual elements on the label. 

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